Principles of Change Management Practitioner — A 2 day course

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This two-day accredited course builds on the three day Principles of Change Management Foundation Course and introduces the APMG Practitioner Level Change Management Handbook. The course also gives delegates the opportunity to demonstrate that they can apply change management principles through a scenario based examination.

Delegates are encouraged to participate in discussions throughout the two days. In addition, to support exam success, delegates will be required to complete two to three hours home work. Delegates need to be aware of the significant amount of evening work required in this course and ensure that they are able to set aside sufficient time to complete the required homework.


Managing change and the individual

After completion of this module delegates will:

Managing change and the team

After completion of this module delegates will:

Managing change and the organisation

After completion of this module delegates will:

Leadership and change

After completion of this module delegates will:

APMG Principles In Change Management Practitioner examination

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Birmingham — £895 (+VAT)

Glasgow — £895 (+VAT)

Leeds — £895 (+VAT)

London — £895 (+VAT)

Manchester — £895 (+VAT)

Reading — £895 (+VAT)

Suitable For

The course will be right if you:


Delegates must have successfully completed the APMG Principles of Change Management Foundation level examination. (Delegates should bring their Foundation Certificate with them to the course as evidence of success in this exam).

Delegates will be provided with course pre-reading approximately 10 days prior to attending the course. The material will include the Practitioner Handbook and a pre-course reading guide. Delegates will be expected to have completed this work prior to attending the course.

Delegates will also be expected to have, and MUST BRING WITH THEM, the Foundation level course text, Making Sense of Change Management (2nd Edition) by Cameron and Green.

Please note that the tutor will expect delegates to be fully conversant with all Foundation level material. Delegates should not expect the tutor to be able to spend time revisiting Foundation level material if it is some time since they successfully completed that course.

Delegates must bring photo id with them to show to examination invigilator (Passport, Photo Driving licence).


The Practitioner Exam structure is: