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Why train in Cisco Technologies?

Cisco technologies can be found throughout the IT sector, both providing services and forming the basis of a great deal of network infrastructure, making experience and knowledge of Cisco based solutions valuable. Cisco approved training is naturally one of the best ways to further your skills and experience with Cisco products, either by updating your knowledge to deal with the latest products or widening into different areas. Such training can leave you better qualified and able to take on new roles or look towards more senior positions.

We offer Cisco training courses in the following categories:

Why earn Cisco Certifications?

If you are thinking of taking a Cisco training course, it may be worth going further and sitting Cisco certification exams; this will allow you to earn a certification that recognises your skills and knowledge relating to that area of Cisco technology. Certification can be valuable when looking to find employment or aiming to move into higher level roles, with certification providing an edge over other candidates. In terms of earnings, those with certifications can earn more in both the short and long run, with one study finding increases of up to 29% against those with no certification. (CompTIA, Employer Perceptions of IT Training and Certification, Jan 2011)

Types of Certification

The main certifications offered by Cisco fall into either the CCNA (Associate) or CCNP (Professional) categories. For those relatively new to IT or Cisco products the CCENT exists as an entry level option.


The Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) certification is designed for those who either currently or want to work with Cisco technologies, primarily in fields such as the deployment, maintenance and troubleshooting of Cisco systems. Candidates are expected to have some current experience with Cisco technologies and there exist a number of different versions of this certification relating to different segments of Cisco solutions.


The Cisco Certified Network Professional (CCNP) certification is designed for those with significant experience with relevant Cisco technologies and who wish to move towards planning and implementation roles, whilst furthering their professional skills. Candidates are expected to have worked with Cisco technologies for some time as these certifications require both hands-on and more theoretical knowledge.

Application Networking

Cisco offers Wide Area Application Services (WAAS) as a software and hardware integrated, WAN optimisation and application acceleration solution that is fully cloud ready. WAAS software offers industry leading application acceleration for enterprise networks whilst WAAS applications offer extensive scalability and flexibility. Cisco WAAS allows for a completely scaled acceleration of email, web, file, video and software-as-a-service (SaaS) applications. Those involved in the design and deployment of WAAS solutions can benefit from training to continue to improve application performance whilst further enabling infrastructure consolidation.

Courses available:

Data Center

Cisco provides the opportunity for a fully unified data centre, unifying compute, storage, virtualisation, management and networking onto a single platform. This provides the basis for successful cloud computing and the ability to deploy IT as a service. The Cisco Unified Computing System (UCS) integrates these functions into a single architecture, enabling server visibility, management and control in both virtual and bare metal environments. UCS servers can reduce the total number of devices that are deployed and maintained by simplifying traditional architectures and optimising virtualised environments.

UCS is complemented by Cisco Unified Fabric and Cisco Unified Management. The former is a network architecture that integrates with servers, storage and control platforms to deliver more efficient operation and scalability. This is complemented with simplified automation on an application basis, centralised visibility with real time application monitoring and scalable performance. Unified Management provides a range of features for the management of both virtual and physical resources, automated network provisioning as well as the orchestration of complex operational processes.

Data Centre training and certification paths are available to those who wish to enhance their skills and experience with Cisco technologies. Training can help accelerate design and deployment phases associated with data solutions as well as proving cost effective by minimising installation and maintenance efforts. The certification path for data centre technologies also allows for specialisation according to job roles or function, providing a rigorous program to cover the key areas of data centre network implementation and maintenance.

The following certifications are available:

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Network Design

Cisco networks are ubiquitous throughout business organisations regardless of scale, filling functions ranging from data centres through to voice and communications platforms. Cisco design training and certification aims to provide the skills and knowledge to prepare learners to perform the conceptual, intermediate and detailed design phases of network infrastructures. Such certification indicates that learners are well suited to applying Cisco network solutions in order to provide appropriate enterprise networking solutions. As candidates progress to higher levels of learning more advanced elements such as VPNs and further security solutions are included along with more complex forms of scalability and optimisation.

The following certifications are available:

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Network Management

Whilst there are no certifications directly related to network management, those looking to manage Cisco LAN solutions are able to take the CWLMS training. Such training can aid in managing device configurations, controlling software updates, monitoring performance, troubleshooting faults and simplifying the deployment of new technologies. This training can benefit Network administrators and managers to help best use Cisco's management software, allowing for smoother operation and more optimised networking.

Routing and Switching

Cisco's routers and switches are used throughout business networks and can form the basis of Campus LAN, data centres and service provider infrastructure. Cisco's routing technologies focus on providing high performance whilst uniting networks at a branch or network edge level, whilst service provider routing is based around scalability and subscriber-aware services. Cisco's switches are also designed to cater for varying levels of business application, from campus LANs through to data centre and aggregation switches.

Cisco offers Routing and Switching certifications for those looking to enhance their skills and proficiency with Cisco routed and switched networks. As learners progress through the routing and switching path candidate enhance their abilities to plan, implement and troubleshoot local and wide-area networks. Training also allows for further integration with more specialised areas of security, voice, wireless and video networking solutions. Training and certification proves that network technicians and engineers are capable of maximising the performance of cisco based networks and ensuring their continued operation. In addition to the main CCNA and CCNP certifications there is an entry level certification to start working with more basic Cisco products or as a first step towards more advanced certification.

The following certifications are available:

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Cisco provides a wide range of products for securing networks and providing an overall security infrastructure. These range from firewall solutions for networks and datacentres through to identity management solutions. Such products can be used as a security solution in their own right, or can be used as an addition to an existing Cisco infrastructure to enhance security levels. Cisco's next generation firewall and intrusion prevention solutions can be deployed in cloud environments as well as on site applications to ensure entire network coverage.

Security training and certification is available for those looking to work in roles securing Cisco networks or deploying Cisco security solutions. Training covers the deployment, maintenance and management of Cisco's security hardware and software in addition to techniques and guidelines to ensure that Cisco based networks in general are as secure as possible. Such training should allow for enhanced network integrity along with simplified support and troubleshooting activities.

The following certifications are available:

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Service Provider

Cisco provides solutions to suit the needs of providers of video, mobile, cloud and managed services. Cisco's service provider options are focused around their Open Network Environment (ONE), Evolved Programmable Network (EPN) and Evolved Services Platform (ESP). These features combine to offer an end-to-end physical and virtual network infrastructure that forms the basis for functionality that extends across the cloud to customer premises. ESP creates an orchestration and automation platform that provisions services across all functions, capable of being delivered across multiple domains regardless of how customers are connected to the network.

Certifications and training courses are available for those looking to expand and validate their skills with regards to the products and technologies making up Cisco's service provider solutions. These certifications are aimed at those working as support engineers and aim to enhance their abilities in maintaining and troubleshooting service provider IP NGN core network infrastructures. Further to this trained professionals should be better able to isolate performance problems, implement fault measures and utilise network management systems.

The following certifications are available:

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Cisco has a number of solutions for implementing voice capabilities into an organisation, regardless of preference for desk or wireless phones and software clients. Cisco's product range includes a number of different IP phones to meet the needs of each individual, with both single and multiline endpoints that range from being basic to fully featured. Cisco's network architecture and infrastructure also allows for the use of IP telephony over existing Cisco networks, whilst additional features such as video, conferencing and instant cloud access can easily be integrated.

Training and certification for Cisco's Voice technologies focus on providing the skills and knowledge required to administer a voice network. Candidates learn to integrate voice capabilities into underlying network structures as well as implementing, operating, configuring and troubleshooting converged IP networks. More advanced training also covers Cisco Unified Communications applications and ensures that professionals are able to create a solution that is fully scalable and manageable, ensuring a solution to fit the needs of any enterprise or customer.

The following certifications are available:

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Cisco's product range includes a large number of solutions to sort the differing needs of those requiring wireless networks. Cisco provides the devices required whilst implementing a wireless environment on any scale, from Wireless LAN controllers, through to ruggedized access points and cloud managed access. Cisco also accompanies their hardware with a software suite, including workspace management, a mobility services platform and connected mobile experiences, all of which can be powered by specialised hardware in the form of a mobility services engine.

The training and certification provided by Cisco enhance the skills and knowledge of professionals who are looking to work with or currently utilise Cisco wireless hardware and technologies. Specifically training helps candidates better configure implement and support wireless LANs using Cisco equipment. At higher levels professional skills in designing a wireless network according to required specifications at larger scales, as well as subsequent management will help deliver a suitable solution for your enterprise.

The following certifications are available:

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