CVS for Users — A 1 day course

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We offer six CVS course modules, which can be combined to form a one or two-day course depending on requirements. Approximately two hours per modules should be allowed, so three of four modules can be taught per day.

The CVS for Users modules start from the very beginning and take new users of CVS through the most important techniques for managing files and revisions. It starts with using the cvs command-line program, but can also cover the GUI interfaces WinCVS or TortoiseCVS if required.

The CVS for Administrators modules cover the features of CVS which aren't needed for normal work (with a pre-configured CVS system) but are required to admin a CVS server, resolve user problems with using CVS, and get the most out of CVS with it's more advanced features. Please note 'CVS Server for Administrators' and 'CVSNT Server for Administrators' are very similar modules.

The CVS and Subversion Compared module is suitable for non-CVS and non-Subversion users who want to see the differences between the two in depth, or else for users and administrators with one system who want to convert to the other.


CVS for Users 1

CVS for Users 2: Branching/Merging/Watches

WinCVS for Users

TortoiseCVS for Users

CVS Server for Administrators

CVSNT Server for Administrators

CVS and Subversion Compared (conversion course)

Suitable For

Teams of software developers and programmers who need to work co-operatively on projects.

System administrators who need to install and maintain the CVS software and CVS repositories.


An understanding of the code-management issues in team-based software development