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Version Control and Version Control Systems

Many projects fail to generate expected results and benefits as a result of poor management, testing and control. This is examplified by symptoms such as lack of version control and centralised storage of project resources, badly thought out (or non existent or ad hoc) testing strategies, poor error and problem tracking, poor documentation, and, projects that grow without adequate management control and, as a result, suffer from "scope creep".

Over the years we have developed courses and modules that assist applications developers and project managers gain mastery and awareness of topics such as version control, issue and bug tracking, unit testing, rapid development and prototyping (agile and extreme programming), analysis and modeling, as well as topics such as test automation, log file analysis, standardisation for safety critical software development and XML for system configuration and data exchange.

Version control is generally accepted as an important part of managing multi-developer projects. It can be used, not only for software developers, but, also for document management, web publishing, and control of engineering drawings and designs.

CVS (Concurrent Versions System) is a source-code control system, which originally derives from the simpler RCS (Revision Control System) and is similar in spirit to SCCS and Visual Sourcesafe.

CVS is still used in various organisations, even though Subversion (SVN) was developed to overcome some of the deficiencies inherent in CVS. Hence we provide CVS training and can also provide training and consultancy on migration from CVS to Subversion (SVN).

Subversion (SVN) is a very widely deployed version control system and we have run successful SVN courses for many organisations. Subversion can be integrated with IDEs (Integrated Development Environments) such as Visual Studio and Eclipse and we have adapted modules to include use of SVN from within Visual Studio, Eclipse and MPLAB when asked to do so.

Subversion can also be integrated with Tracker systems such as Trac and we have run combined SVN with Trac courses when required. We can also, if needed, provide courses covering other version control systems such as GIT or Mercurial. We can also provide courses on hookscript implementation in e.g. Perl, Python or Bash.

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