Subversion for Administrators — A 1 day course

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This course aims to extend the skills of system administrators so that they can administer Subversion repository servers and advise of best practices in the use of Subversion.

The course will also cover:


Rapid overview of subversion use

Repository Administration

Migrating from other version control systems

Best Practices - Use Cases and Patterns

Introduction to and overview of the Subversion APIs

Suitable For

System administrators who need to install and maintain the Subversion software and Subversion repositories.


User level knowledge of working with Subversion

Relevant general system administration experience in the operating system(s) they are going to be administering Subversion

Knowledge of installation and configuration of Apache (see note below)

Note: Where Administrators do not have experience of the installation and configuration of Apache, a two day intensive introduction to Apache for System Administrators is available. In addition, there is a two day module on Perl programming for Subversion Administrators and advanced Subversion users.