SQL Language — A 2 day course

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SQL is an industry-standard language for accessing mainframe, midrange and LAN-based, multi-user relational databases. This course will teach the student how to read and write good SQL for querying, updating and maintaining SQL databases.

The course progresses through the elements of the language to build a thorough appreciation and understanding of SQL's capabilities and power. It covers ANSI-standard SQL and some of the common extensions.

This course is made up of a mix of theory and practical sessions. You will complete a series of exercises that cover all the important components of the language and allow you to practise your SQL.

Please Note: The course will use a Microsoft SQL Server platform and T-SQL in all labs and practices to illustrate the use of the SQL language.


After attending this course, delegates will be able to:

Suitable For

Anyone wishing to use SQL to access data.


A degree of computer literacy is needed. Typically delegate skills will include a working familiarity with the Windows graphical environment but no prior knowledge of SQL. The most successful students on this course are those who can type accurately and consistently, and can cope with 'syntax' as SQL is a syntactically 'fussy' language.

Typically delegates will have coded in some other language but it is not necessary to have done so to be successful on this course. The range of exercises allows students to work at the most approriate pace for them.

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Introduction to Relational Databases

Data Manipulation Language

Joining tables

Data Definition Language


Summarised Queries


Set Operations