HP-UX System Administration — A 5 day course

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This Hewlett Packard HP-UX System Administration training course is designed to give delegates practical experience in the administration of an HP-UX UNIX System. Reference will be made to the HP-UX command line, including using the System Management Homepage (SMH) to achieve the course exercises and objectives.


On completion of the HP-UX System Administration course the delegate will have a greater awareness, both technical and practical, of the key tasks required to administer an HP-UX system, and completing these tasks by interacting via the command line or the System Management Homepage (SMH).

The delegates will have knowledge and practise in:


The HP Server Range

Managing Users and Groups

Navigating the HP-UX File System

System Management Homepage (SMH)

Booting PA-RISC and Integrity Systems and Shutdown

Logical Volume Manager (LVM)

File System Management

Managing Swap Space

Maintaining Logical Volumes and File Systems

Preparing for Disasters

Accessing the System Console and the ILO/MP

HP-UX Kernel Configuration

Configuring Device Special Files (DSF)

Managing Software with SD-UX

Managing Patches with SD-UX

Installing the OS with Ignite-UX

Workshop Exercises

Workshop Solutions

Addendum: Reference Materials (provided within the course handbook for additional reading)

Publicly scheduled dates, locations, and prices

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London — £1995 (+VAT)

Suitable For

The HP-UX System Administration course is designed for System Administrators and Programmers and other Technical IT staff who require a working knowledge of the key tasks required to administer an HP-UX system.

The course assumes knowledge of the HP-UX Operating System to the level covered in the HP-UX Introduction Course. Some shell programming experience may also prove advantageous; this can be gained on the HP-UX Shell Programming Course.

Follow-on Courses



This course, together with the HP-UX Introduction and HP-UX Shell Programming courses, covers some of the topics required for the HP-UX 11i v3 System Administration (HP0-P20) exam.

Before taking any exam, ensure you have the recommended experience. The HP-UX website lists all exam requirements and these are updated regularly.

Exams are not included as part of the course nor in the course fee.