Java Course Modules

Most of our Java course modules are outlined below. They can be combined in different ways to produce a wide range of specialist Java courses. Our own "off the shelf" Java courses are, for example, built in this way.

With judicious selection, a purchasing company can build itself a bespoke Java training solution from these modules at a fraction of the usual cost.

The vast majority of modules and their hands-on exercises are delivered in a quarter day. A few exceptional modules last a half day, because cross-dependencies in their content dictate a specific sequence of progress.

Please e-mail our training advisors for help in assembling a course with appropriate content, speed of progress, prerequisite knowledge, and consistent subject matter, etc.

Review of Object Oriented Concepts

Getting Started with Java

Essential Java Programming

Advanced Java Programming

Java Developer's Toolbox

Graphical User Interfaces

Java Application Development

Enterprise Java Overview

Introduction to Enterprise JavaBeans

EJB Architecture

Overview of EJB 1.1 vs EJB 2.0

Writing Session Beans

Writing the EJB Interfaces

Exception Handling

EJB 2.0 Interface Enhancements

Introduction to Entity Beans

Writing Entity Beans

Web Architecture and Fundamentals

HTTP Servlets

JavaServer Pages

Web Applications

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If you are looking for a particular Java training course title but cannot find it in the above list, please contact the sales team via our training enquiries form or by telephone using the number shown at the top of the right hand column.

Public Schedule

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