Linux Overview for Company Executives — A 1 day course

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This one day course is aimed at company executives and will provide an outline understanding of Unix with a focus on Linux.

The day will be spent in two parts:

The delegates will be given some practical experience at the command line and introduced to the idea of a software toolbox as well as the Linux desktop.

This will be followed by an overview on the Linux ecosystem: major components; how & where it is used; important terms explained; licensing — how you can use Linux in your organisation's & products.


This course looks at the underlying ideas of Unix and Linux in a non distribution specific way. Delegates will learn the Linux big picture, which is also relevant to Unix. Understanding will be helped if you are using Red Hat, SuSE, Debian Linux, Ubuntu, Linux Mint, Sun Solaris, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD, AIX, HP-UX, ...



The Unix and Linux command line

Linux Major Components

Security Overview

Linux Software Overview

Embedded Systems Overview

Server Systems Overview

TCP/IP networking protocols

Licensing Introduction

Suitable For

Those who are starting out in using Linux & Unix and those who's organisation is adopting them on: desktops, infrastructure, embedded products or selling software or services on Linux/Unix.

The technical parts are light, this course has also been well received by company managers, accountants and non-Unix IT staff who need to be able to converse with their fellow Linux geeks. Sales & marketing people who need big picture understanding will find this valuable. The Licencing Introduction has been well received by a wide variety of different people.


Some familiarity and use of computing systems.

Knowledge of other operating systems an advantage but not necessary.