Linux Course Modules


Fully Bespoke Linux and Unix Training

We are able to provide highly customised Linux training based on a substantial number of pre-written modules which can be combined into a bespoke course that closely matches clients' needs. In addition to our considerable in-house Linux resources, a range of external Linux consultants enable us to cover even the most esoteric of Linux specialisms.

We can deliver a high degree of customisation at the same cost as off-the-peg Linux training by the simple device of mixing and matching pre-prepared Linux course modules, in whole or in part. We have also written new modules where a customer has needed it.

The following lists provide outline details of Linux modules we have delivered or are about to deliver for our clients.

With a few notable exceptions, each Linux module is designed to be delivered in a quarter-day session.

As with all of our Linux courses, the bulk of that time is given over to practical and graduated exercises that help strengthen understanding of the material just covered by the trainer.

Although today Linux is the best known variant of Unix others are widely used and referenced in many of the modules so it is possible to cover aspects of BSD, MacOS, AIX, Solaris and others.

Not all of the modules below are aimed at the technical delegate. Some are overview level and have been well received by staff working in sales, marketing and management who need ‘big picture’ understanding. The Licencing Introduction has been well received by a wide variety of different people.



The Unix and Linux command line

How to use, manage and find system documentation

Performing basic file editing operations using vi & vim

Searching text files using regular expressions

Processes and Jobs

Filesystems: concepts & use

Managing user accounts

Filesystem security

Creating partitions and filesystems

Booting the system, and an introduction to runlevels

Configuration files


Logging system events

Archiving and backups

Trouble shooting

Advanced shell usage

Basic shell scripting

AWK and Perl

Using package management software

Making and installing programs from source

Managing shared libraries

The Linux kernel

Configuring and using the X window system

TCP/IP networking protocols

Running network services

Internet dæmons and services

Network dæmons and services

Licensing Introduction

Embedded Systems Overview

Server Systems Overview

Linux Major Components

Security Overview

Linux Software Overview

Cannot find it....

If you are looking for a particular Linux training course title but cannot find it in the above list, please contact the sales team via our training enquiries form or by telephone using the number shown at the top of the right hand column.

Suitable For

Organisations who want to build a bespoke course to match their precise needs.


This depends on the course modules chosen, however all delegates should have basic computer literacy.

Knowledge of other operating systems an advantage.

A willingness to learn and use command line applications.