Supplier Management — A 3 day course

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Organisations have always depended on suppliers for their operations but in the 21st Century, and particularly with the development of outsourcing, the range and complexity of customer/supplier relationships has increased.

In addition, the responsibility for managing suppliers may fall upon the business area managers but, particularly in the case of outsourced software development and IT services, this responsibility is allocated to other roles such as business analysts or project managers.

This course provides a framework for understanding the issues associated with managing suppliers using a blend of soft and tangible techniques.


Introduction to supplier management

Defining business requirements

Sourcing and selecting suppliers

Engaging with the supplier

The contract

Establishing the working relationship

Influencing and leading suppliers

Organising and managing supplier reviews

Relationship and segmentation analysis

Negotiating with suppliers

Managing changes to scope and requirements

Preventing supplier complacency

Handling disputes and conflict

Closure and exit

Learning lessons from a supplier relationship