Digital Signal Processing (DSP) Programming in C on dsPIC Microcontrollers — A 5 day course

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This is a very intensive 5-day programming course designed to get engineers with little experience of C DSP programming up to speed with C DSP programming on the dsPIC family of processors.

The C programming skills needed to implement DSP algorithms on the dsPIC include understanding issues such as how the compiler deals with fixed point and floating point arithmetic, a thorough understanding of single and multi-dimensional array manipulation in C, and being able to understand C generated by DSP code generation tools. In addition it is important to know about the various DSP libraries available for the dsPIC and how to link these into DSP projects.


After attending this course you will be able to:


Overview of MPLAB C30 IDE

Basics of C

Dynamic data structures - linked lists and queues

Working with vectors and matrices

Principles of modular programming

Introduction to the features of the dsPIC30F Maths and DSP Algorithm Libraries

Implementation of classic algorithms in C

Introduction to the dsPIC30F Peripheral library

Understanding timers, A/D and D/A peripherals on the dsPIC from the C programming perspective

Implementing effective memory management schemes

Suitable For

This course is for engineers with little experience of C DSP programming.


Basic knowledge of C programming and a basic knowledge of DSP algorithms.