Microsoft HPC Course - Windows HPC Server 2008 Fundamentals for the IT Professional — A 3-Day Course

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Course Synopsis

Please note that this course is no longer available. Please see our Training Homepage for currently available courses.

This course provides attendees with the knowledge and skills necessary to setup and maintain a high-performance cluster running Microsoft Windows HPC Server 2008. Intended for the Windows IT Professional, our goal is to quickly bring you up to speed on the field of high-performance computing, and then dive into the details of Windows HPC Server 2008. Topics include architectural overview, job scheduling, policies and configuration, HPC application types, cluster setup, networking topologies, data storage options, performance evaluation, and maintenance issues.

The course follows a lecture/lab format, providing every attendee with hands-on experience setting up a cluster, submitting jobs, evaluating performance, configuring policies and templates, installing software, and performing routine maintenance tasks.

Intended Audience

Windows IT Professionals that need to setup and maintain high-performance clusters running Windows HPC Server 2008.

Course Prerequisites

Delegates should have existing Windows Server 2003 or Windows Server 2008 administration experience


This course has been retired and is no longer available.

Course Contents

Introduction to High-Performance Computing and HPC Server 2008

The HPCS Job Scheduler in depth

The main components of an HPC Server cluster

Interfacing with HPC Server - from command prompts to calling the HPC Server API

Understanding how clients will use the cluster

Configuring HPC Server

Basic cluster setup, from hardware to software

Advanced setup and integration options

Cluster Troubleshooting and Performance Tuning

Maintenance of your HPC Server 2008 Cluster