Introduction to VB Script and Scripting for Windows Administrators — A 4 day course

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In many current technology areas there is often a need to automate tasks without the need to create a large application. This can be automating system administration tasks; dynamic web page creation; creating web page testing scripts. It is in this gap that scripting (or script programming) fits. Script programming within the Windows environment is very powerful. Scripts can ease the burden of a network administrator by automating repetitive and laborious tasks. They can make information from machines in the enterprise easily available. Scripts can access databases, text files and spreadsheets. They can make websites interactive and bring powerful functionality to the website designer's armory.

The creation of scripts, however, still needs knowledge of programming methodology - specifications, design, logical breakdown of the task and programming the script itself. This course will take the scripting novice, highlight the design and task analysis procedures, before going on to instruct in the use of VBScript to create scripts.

This course will start with the basics of using scripts to manipulate an object based environment. The course will then use VBScript to access and manipulate the WSH objects, the FileSystemObject, the Excel object model and the ADO objects for accessing databases. You will learn how to write scripts that automate applications, parse log files for specific information, map network drives, and install printers and applications, amongst others things. Due to the practical nature of scripting, there will be a large element of hands on lab work with an emphasis on creating reusable, useful sample scripts that can be employed in the work place. The course will be delivered as an interactive lecture including many hands-on exercises.


On completion of this course, delegates should be able to:


An Introduction To Programming

VBScript Fundamentals

Procedural Programming

Object Fundamentals

Automating Applications and command line tools

User Input through WSH

The Registry


The Network Object





Appendix VBScript Language

Appendix WMI

Appendix Introduction to ADSI

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Suitable For

The course is written for administrators/IT professionals who have and would like to use VB Script to ease their administrative burden by automating repetitive tasks. The typical attendee will be an administrator/IT professional who is interested in examining how scripts can benefit and enhance their day-to-day environment.


This course assumes no knowledge of VBScript mechanisms, but it does assume knowledge of the Windows interface.