Microsoft Course 10174 - Configuring and Managing Microsoft SharePoint 2010 — A 5 day course

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The Microsoft M10174 course teaches students how to install, configure and administer SharePoint, and also manage and monitor sites and users by using SharePoint 2010.


After completing the Microsoft MS10174 training course, students will be able to:


Introducing Microsoft SharePoint 2010

This module provides an overview of SharePoint 2010 and SharePoint Online. It will prepare students for the installation of the first server in a SharePoint 2010 farm and give details on SharePoint 2010 Sp1 and SharePoint Online.

Creating a SharePoint 2010 Intranet

This module covers creating a SharePoint 2010 Intranet and shows delegates how to configure and administer the fundamental components of a SharePoint farm, including its configuration, logical structure, user-facing features, and underlying engine.

Administering and Automating SharePoint

This module covers Administering and Automating SharePoint. It covers how to apply the full range of options for administering and automating SharePoint-Central Administration, STSADM, and PowerShell. The module also introduces students to the logs.

Configuring Content Management

This module covers Configuring Content Management. It explains to delegates how to manage content (lists, libraries, items and documents).

Configuring Authentication

This module describes the process of how to administer authentication to SharePoint Web applications.

Securing Content

This module details how to manage security of SharePoint content within a Web application.

Managing SharePoint Customizations

This module enables delegates to manage customizations to the SharePoint environment.

Configuring and Securing SharePoint Services and Service Applications

This module shows delegates how to manage the SharePoint service as a whole, as well as individual services and service applications

User Profiles and Social Networking

This module describes how to manage user profiles, My Sites, and social content.

Administering and Configuring SharePoint Search

This module discusses how to administer and configure SharePoint Search.

Implementing Productivity Service Applications

This module enables delegates to configure specific service applications.

Installing and Upgrading to SharePoint 2010

This module teaches delegates how to install and upgrade to SharePoint 2010 in a variety of scenarios, and to keep SharePoint 2010 current

Implementing Business Continuity

This module enables delegates to configure business continuity for SharePoint.

Monitoring and Optimizing SharePoint Performance

This module shows delegates how to monitor SharePoint performance, health, and usage, and to identify and remediate performance and health problems.

SharePoint Online and Office 365

This module covers implementing sand administering Office 365 and SharePoint Online

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Suitable For

The Microsoft 10174 course is intended for IT Professionals who are experienced Windows Server 2003 or 2008 administrators and are interested in learning how to administer SharePoint 2010. The course is also intended for part time Business Application Administrators (BAAs) who are engaged in the administering line-of-business (LOB) applications in conjunction with internal business customers.


In addition to their professional experience, students who attend this training should have experience: