Microsoft SQL Server 2014 Update — A 2 day course

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Microsoft SQL Server 2014 enhances the previous product in its use of In-Memory OLTP storage, enhanced columnstore, new hybrid cloud scenarios, enhanced security in server and database access, and backup encryption. This workshop-style course is designed for IT professionals who are interested in learning how to implement these new features.


In-Memory OLTP

This module will introduce In-Memory OLTP data structures and Natively-compiled stored procedures which have been added in Microsoft SQL Serevr 2014.

Working to a scenario you will decide how to design the database structures to can benefits from the In-Memory table structures and natively-compiled stored procedures. You will then implement the database as per you design and test against a Microsoft SQL Server 2012 equivalent design.

Columnstore Indexes

This module will introduce the new important changes to the Columnstore Indexes, first introduced in Microsoft SQL Server 2012. The major change is that new structures are clustered and allow updates directluy against the tables.

Working to a prepared design you will create a clustered columnstore index and test.


This module will cover the updates to security on Microsoft SQL Server 2014 and will include changes to permissions available at the server and database levels. Also included in the module is a discussion of the need to encrypt backup databases and the new feature to allow this natively with requiring TDE.

Working to a scenario you will decide how to implement for three different users: an internal auditor, and external HR auditor and a DBA/Developer specifically employed to maintain the HR system.

SQL Engine Internals

This module will cover the update Resource Governor and a new feature Buffer Pool Extensions.

Working to a scenario control access to resources on the server so that the critically important database has the resources it needs whilst a less important database application will have its usage reduced.

Cloud Integration

This module will cover the updates within Microsoft SQL Server 2014 look at making use of the Microsoft Azure platform. This includes holding data files within Windows Azure, backing up to Windows Azure using normal backup routines and the new Managed Backup and lastly using a Windows Azure VM as an Always-On failover partner.

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Suitable For

This course is suitable for those experienced with Microsoft SQL Server 2012 on an on-going DBA and developer level.