Microsoft Course 6368 - Programming with the Microsoft .NET Framework using Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 — A 5 day course

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The Microsoft M6368 course provides students with an introduction to developing n-tier applications for the Microsoft .NET 3.5 environment using Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 SP1. Both this course and the 6367 course prepare the student for the 646x series of Technology Specialist courses.


On completion of the Microsoft 6368 course, delegates should be able to:

Suitable For

The Microsoft MS6368 course is intended for software development professionals that have a minimum of six months experience developing applications in an object-oriented environment using C#, Visual Basic, or Java (or delegates should have completed course 6367).

Delegates attending this course are planning to use the .NET Framework for future business application development . This course is intended for developers who wish to expand their understanding of application development in the .NET Framework. It provides an initial foundation in .NET that can be built upon with the more advanced .NET training. Programmers attending this course should ensure that they are familiar with the Visual Studio IDE. Object-oriented programming and the .NET Framework are the basic building blocks that all professional developers need to acquire before moving on to the more advanced courses and TS Certification.


An understanding of problem-solving techniques that apply to software development

A basic understanding of Web, Macro and Windows scripting techniques and some experience writing scripts

A general understanding of the purpose, function, and features of the .NET Framework

Experience using Visual Studio 2008

Experience in object oriented design and development

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Software Design and Development in Visual Studio 2008

Lab : Software Design and Development

Object-Oriented Programming with Microsoft Visual Studio 2008

Lab : Creating Classes in Visual Studio 2008

Data Validation

Lab : Data Validation

Debugging and Profiling .NET Applications

Lab : Code Tracing

Monitoring and Logging .NET Framework Applications

Lab : Monitoring and Logging .NET Framework Applications

Testing Microsoft .NET Framework Applications

Lab : Software Testing

Introduction to LINQ

Lab : Using New Language Features

Lab : Simple LINQ-to-Object Queries

Lab : Using LINQ to Datasets and LINQ to Objects

Data Access with LINQ

Lab : Data Access with LINQ

Implementing Security in .NET Applications

Lab : Security in the .NET Framework

Network Programming

Lab : Network Programming

Creating Distributed Applications

Lab : Creating a Windows Communication Foundation Service

Configuring .NET Framework Applications

Lab : Application Configuration

Deploying .NET Framework Applications

Lab : Deploying a .NET Framework Application

Windows Presentation Foundation Applications

Lab : Building Windows Presentation Foundation Applications