Visual Studio 2012 Coded UI Tests — A 2 day course

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A two day instructor-led course covering use of the Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 CodedUI tests..

Microsoft has extended the Visual Studio 2012 family of tools to increase the testing capabilities of the suite beyond web tests which were added in Visual Studio 2008.

A brand new tool, Microsoft Test Manager, serves as a management console for the tester. In addition, the Visual Studio IDE has been extended to include another test type named CodedUI. CodedUI enables developers and testers alike to automate against a GUI and provide code analysis and coverage in the process. This course will focus on providing a solid foundation to the tester in understanding CodedUI tests.

Suitable For

This course is aimed at any existing and new testers new to test automation who want to extend their skills to include being able to automate against Microsoft technologies and Web Browsers.


It is strongly recommended that attendees have a coding background in either C# or VB.NET

The course exercises can be completed in either C# or VB.NET to enable the tester to complete the course in their selected development language.

Publicly scheduled dates, locations, and prices

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C# or VB.NET

This brief section will bring the tester up to speed with specific development concepts related to understanding how the CodedUI has been structured. Topics include:

CodedUI Test Structure

This section will explore how the various components contribute to the overall design solution in enabling the test type to perform its functions.

Recording CodedUI Test

This is the first step in creating a CodedUI test, to quickly enable the tester to write their base test. The UI map is the glue between interacting with the GUI and the test code. It is thus very important to understand its impact refactoring the code.

Creation Of Assertions

Assertions will enable the test to create a variety of validation and verification points throughout the execution of the test. They will also need to understand how to interpret the results.

Objects and Methods

Here the course will explore how to change the data and the assertion expected and actual values.

Partial Class

With the diversity of application implementations in existence, there is a need for the automation designer to be able to cope with dynamic objects and data that they might encounter. Here the tester will be enabled to understand the base class which forms a key driving component to the CodedUI test.

Data Driving CodedUI Tests

During the initial recording, the data entered into the SUT will be used. To create a more diverse data testing environment, it will be necessary to source data from a variety of sources; like CSV, XML and Databases.

Real World

In so many courses, the drive is only to teach what the tool is capable of doing, but not necessarily focussing on the practical steps required to make it work in the real world. By providing a hands-on walkthrough, students will be able to understand what approaches are available in constructing their design relative to the application. It will also explore additional exception handling techniques and replay options which exist within the tool itself.