Microsoft Course 6437 - Designing a Windows Server 2008 Applications Infrastructure — A 3 day course

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The three-day Microsoft M6437 course will prepare IT professionals for the role of Enterprise Administrator. Students will learn how to design application infrastructure solutions based on Windows Server 2008 to meet varying business and technical requirements.


On completion of the Microsoft M6437 training course, delegates should be able to:

Suitable For

The primary audience for the Microsoft MS6437 course is IT professionals (including Windows 2000/2003 enterprise administrators) interested in becoming a Windows Server 2008 Enterprise Administrator with a focus on application infrastructure such as Web and Terminal Services. The secondary audience for this course is Application Architects who want to know more about how to integrate Windows Server 2008 technologies into enterprise applications.


Before attending the Microsoft 6437 course, students should have the following skills:

Hands-on experience with more than one application service such as:

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Designing IIS Web Farms

The students will learn the process of designing IIS Web Farms with Windows Server 2008 and IIS 7. They will learn how to select the appropriate hardware and software platforms. They will learn techniques to leverage Web Farm Availability and Scalability. They will also learn how to select the proper content storage.

Optimizing IIS Performance and Stability

The students will learn about optimizing IIS performance and stability.

Designing IIS Security

In this module, the students will learn to establish and maintain very tight security using Microsoft IIS 7

Design IIS Maintenance and UDD

The students will learn how to plan for an IIS installation, taking into account these new features. They will also learn how to deploy UDDI services.

Designing a Terminal Services Infrastructure

The students will learn how to design a terminal services infrastructure including how to design a terminal services licensing strategy and how to design for remote access with TS Gateways, TS Session Broker, RemoteApp programs, and TS Web Access.

Designing a Terminal Services Maintenance Strategy

The students will be introduced to design and implementation planning using Windows System Resource Manager (WSRM) policies for application resource and reporting. The students will also learn about group policy settings for terminal servers and how to design high availability for terminal services. Finally, the students will learn to specify monitoring, maintenance, and recovery requirements and procedures for terminal services.

Design Windows Media Services Infrastructure Administration

The students will learn about designing Windows Media Services in Windows Server 2008. They will become familiarized with live and on-demand content delivery.

Design Virtualization Infrastructure

The students will implement virtualization to consolidate servers, deploy branch office infrastructure servers, support legacy applications, and create a test environment.

Designing Virtualization Provisioning

The students will learn how to determine virtualization appropriateness and virtual server provisioning. The students will also learn the importance of customizing virtual servers to standard configurations and also learn about virtual server deployment.