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About Management of Portfolios

To be successful, organizations must evolve and this means improving how they run their business on a daily basis (business as usual) and adapting to emerging demands and expectations. Management of Portfolios (MoP) helps organizations make decisions about implementing the right changes to business as usual; those changes are delivered via projects and programmes. It also provides a 'helicopter view' of all change activities - both those in planning and those in delivery - including providing a clear line of sight about what is in the portfolio, what it is costing, what risks are faced, what progress is being made, and with what impact on business as usual and the organization's strategic objectives.

Rather than representing a new discipline, MoP seeks to build on, and better co-ordinate, existing processes such as strategic planning, investment appraisal and project and programme management. MoP is not concerned with the detailed management of these projects and programmes; rather, it approaches the management of change projects and programmes from a strategic viewpoint, focusing on the key issues outlined above. This is reflected in the following formal definition for portfolio management, which is:

A co-ordinated collection of strategic processes and decisions that together enable the most effective balance of organizational change and business as usual

MoP can be used effectively within specific directorates of the organization - for example, the 'IT portfolio'. However, the greatest success is realised when management boards use portfolio management to deliver the organization's corporate change portfolio as a whole.

MoP addresses the fundamental questions:

MoP Qualification Scheme

The MoP Qualification Scheme is developed by the APM Group Ltd in partnership with the Cabinet Office and The Stationery Office (TSO).

There are two MoP qualifications, the Foundation and the Practitioner:

MoP Foundation Qualification

The exam format is as follows:

MoP Practitioner Qualification

Candidates must pass the Foundation Exam before the Practitioner Exam, either on the same day or separately. If a candidate has previously passed the Foundation Exam, they qualify to sit the Practitioner Exam without needing to re-sit the Foundation.

The 3-day MoP Foundation course includes the Foundation exam, which is taken on the last day of the course. The MoP Foundation & Practitioner course includes the Foundation exam on the third day, and the Practitioner exam on the fifth (final) day. The MoP Practitioner Upgrade course is for those who have passed their Foundation exam and would like to become Practitioners. The Practitoner exam is taken on the second of the two days.

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