Advanced TCP/IP — A 3 day course

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The Advanced TCP/IP training course is an instructor led presentation course that provides an in-depth reference to the core networking protocol TCP/IP.

This technical training course will further familiarise delegates with the way that computers communicate via routed networks so that they will gain a greater appreciation of sub-netted networks, routing protocols and other protocols that are used in today's networking environment.

Although the Advanced TCPIP course is generic in nature, it uses Cisco routers in the practical training sessions in order to acquaint delegates with construction of routed networks and router operations. The technical skills and knowledge gained through the theory and practical training sessions can be used as a starter course before moving on to specific manufacturer courses.


By the end of the course delegates will have an understanding of:


Students should be familiar with MS Windows desktop and command line operations, they should also have an appreciation of the TCP/IP suit of protocols and protocol stacks, Ideally they will have attended the Introduction to TCP/IP course or have similar experience.

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The Internet Protocol

Address Allocation

Address Resolution

IP Address Limitations

Internet Control Message Protocol

IP Routing

Routing Information Protocol

Open Shortest Path First

Enhanced Interior Gateway Routing Protocol

Border Gateway Protocol

Host to Host Communication

IP Address Translation

The Application Layer

IP Version 6 Introduction