Packet Analysis Power Workshop — A 5 day course

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Delegates will receive a comprehensive introduction into the features, functions and the usage of the Wireshark Analyser and will learn methods and techniques about monitoring, analysis and troubleshooting of their networks from the packet level.

This course will also focus on the detailed analysis and troubleshooting of typical network protocols and applications with specific focus on switched Ethernet, TCP/IP networks and TCP/IP based applications.

Suitable For

Network administrators, network managers and all technical staff who are responsible for planning, implementing, and ensuring high performance operation of their data networks.


Attendance on the following course, or equivalent knowledge:

Networking & TCP/IP Fundamentals

Publicly scheduled dates, locations, and prices

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Features, functions and basic operation of Ethereal/Wireshark Analyser

Advanced features of Wireshark Analyser

Methodology and techniques of network analysis and troubleshooting

Statistics and Baselining

Analysing networks and applications

Switched Ethernet analysis

TCP/IP analysis of the network layer

TCP/IP analysis of the transport layer

Analysing and troubleshooting TCP/IP with Wireshark

TCP/IP applications