Understanding TCP/IP and the Internet — A 3 day course

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A TCP/IP fundamentals course providing theoretical and practical grounding in the operation of core TCP/IP and internet protocols.

This course starts from the position of something that almost all candidates are familiar with — web browsing — and ‘drills down’ from there down to the lowest levels of the TCP/IP stack: IP routing, packet structure, Network Address Translation (NAT), and so on.

It also offers an overview of a number of other significant issues for those wanting to understand not only the technical structure of the internet, but how to apply it in their own organisations. Such issues include: e-mail; understanding firewalling and routing; and using SNMP for integrated management of network devices and applications.

Course contents focus on international IP standards, dealing with vendor-specific implementations only where they impinge on the normal operation of the key protocols, e.g. as do some proprietary mail exchangers.

The course provides for hands-on practical work, but because of the emphasis on building a fundamental conceptual understanding, there is less of it.

Suitable For

IT managers, developers, system administrators and technical support staff who require a solid grounding in the fundamental technologies and protocols which underly the provision of Internet services.

As useful for those making purchasing or managerial decisions over IP networking goods and services, as it is for those engaged in technical implementation.

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Background to TCP/IP and the Internet

Web browsing explained

Locating Resources by Name and Address


Conversations and reliability

Conversations and packets: TCP

IP addressing and routing

Connectionless application-level protocols: UDP

Fragmentation in IP

IP packet structure

IP control messages


Present-day issues in IP networking


SNMP: an IP management protocol