WLAN Anti-Hacking Workshop — A 3 day course

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WLAN is an attractive technology, public hot spots spring up all the time and the available bandwidth grows constantly. Even cheap laptops from supermarkets possess integrated WLAN Cards and routers have integrated access points. Computer abuse is a danger and can cause serious problems for IT Networks and consequently for the whole enterprise.

To secure WLANs, System administrators need fundamental knowledge regarding 'Hacking'. This is to ensure they can identify potential dangers in time and can eliminate basic problems from the beginning. So called 'wild' WLANs can be installed without the knowledge of the IT Department, we will show you how to recognised these with 'Wardriving'.

Suitable For

System administrators

Security specialists

Network administrators


Basic knowledge operating software and networks

Linux or Unix knowledge

Publicly scheduled dates, locations, and prices

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Installation of WLAN on Linux (or Windows) Notebooks

Viewing usual security mechanisms

Theoretical analysis of the menace

Practical analysis of the menace and the menace strategies

Discussing the analysis of the legal relevance of attacks on WLANs