Cocoa Programming — A 5 day course

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The emphasis on this course is on programming. The course commences with a detailed overivew of Objective-C 2.0 and the Foundation Framework. The early GUI examples are developed programmatically, outside of Interface Builder so as to provide a feel for the framework and its constituent parts, and an understanding of serialisation.


As well as developing proficiency in working with XCode and Interface Builder attendees will learn how to design effective event driven user interface based applications including:


Completion of the Introduction to Objective-C Programming course, or equivalent knowledge.

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Basic Concepts of Object-Oriented Analysis and Design

Overview of the Cocoa framework architecture

Mastering the XCode IDE (Integrated Development Environment)

Intensive overview of ObjectiveC

The Runtime System

Dynamic Properties

Categories and Protocols

Foundation Framework

Files and URLs

Memory Management

Property lists and Key-Value pair coding idioms

Application Class and the App Delegate

Windows and Panels

Menus and Submenus

Views and Responders


Controls and cells

String - object conversion


Understanding object oriented patterns

Cocoa bindings

Data persistence and object-relational mappings

Text handling

Data sources and Table Views

Interface Builder

Storage and retrieval of user settings