Objective-C, Cocoa and iPhone Programming Training

Background to Objective-C and related Apple Technologies

Objective-C is an object oriented programming language that is a superset of the C programming language.

Cocoa is a framework that provides a variety of classes used by MacOSX application developers, and Cocoa Touch is a framework for iPhone and iPad application developers.

Both frameworks are quite large and fairly complex and provide useful abstractions that simplify the development of rich media and graphical user interface applications.

Programming using either Cocoa or Cocoa Touch involves a fairly steep learning curve in order to become productive. Part of this learning curve involves understanding and becoming proficient in Objective-C programming, and, because Objective-C is based on C it also involves a sound understanding of C programming.

Objective-C has been in development since the 80's and was used in preference to C++ for some major EEC research projects. Recently there has been a dramatic revival of interest in Objective-C because of the remarkable success and popularity of Apple's iPhone, whose SDK (Software Development Kit) is base on Objective-C.

The courses described here are for those embarking on career in Objective-C, MAC OSX and iPhone development.

The foundation - and in many ways most important - course is the 5 day comprehensive introduction to Objective-C programming course.

This can be followed by either a Cocoa programming course for those planning to develop MAC OSX applications, or the iPhone programming course for those planning to develop iPhone applications.

We are also planning to port some C++ computer games programming courses to Objective-C, iPhone computer games programming courses, including an introduction to OpenGL programming for the iPhone.

For experienced programmers coming from either a C++, Java or C# background we can provide and intensive 2 day introduction to Objective-C.

Public Scheduled and On-Site Courses (delivered on customer site)

On-Site Courses (only delivered on customer site)

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