Introduction to RDFa - Concepts, E-Business and E-Government Applications — A 2 day course

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Developing full semantic web applications is a challenging and costly process. Sometimes all that is needed is the ability to annotate XHTML markup with semantics. This is what RDFa supports and it is the concepts, standards and applications/uses of RDFa that form this course. The course will cover the XML and RDF underpinnings of RDFa and actual and potential uses of RDFa.


Attendees are expected to be familiar with HTML and XHTML and the web in general. No deep understanding of XML is required, although some familiarity with XML would be an advantage. Please see our range of XML courses.


Courses in this subject are scheduled on an 'ad-hoc' basis.

We can arrange a course at our Carshalton centre or on customer site for any client wishing to send two or more delegates on the same event.

For courses at the Carshalton Centre the fee will be:

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For a 1:1 course in Carshalton the fee is £1300 + VAT.

For a 1:1 on-site course the fee is £1300 + VAT + expenses recharged at cost.


Background to RDFa

Foundations of XML

Resource Description Framework