Oracle Database 11g Release 2 DBA - Part I — A 5 day course

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The Oracle Database 11g Release 2 DBA - Part I course is designed to give the Oracle database administrator practical experience in setting up, administering and troubleshooting an Oracle 11g Release 1 or Release 2 database.

Database administrators will gain an understanding of the architecture and processes of the Oracle database server. They will be able to ensure the integrity and availability of a company's data within the Oracle environment. They will be able to monitor the performance of the database and perform basic backup and recovery of the database.


The delegate will practise:

Suitable For

Anyone who needs to administer, monitor and support an Oracle 11g Release 1 or Release 2 database.

Follow-On Courses


Delegates should have an understanding of relational database concepts and basic operating system knowledge.

They should have attended the Oracle SQL course or have a good working knowledge of Oracle SQL*Plus.

Knowledge of PL/SQL would be beneficial


This course covers the main topics of the Oracle exam #1Z0-052 Oracle Database 11g: Administration I. Exams are not included as part of the course. Before taking any exam, ensure you have the recommended experience. The Oracle website lists all exam requirements and these are updated regularly.

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Introduction to Oracle Database 11g

Oracle Database 11g Architecture

Installation and Configuration of an Oracle Database

Administer a Database

Configure the Oracle Network Environment

Manage an Oracle Instance

Tablespace and Datafile Management

Manage Redo Logs

Manage Control Files

Manage Schema Objects

Manage Users

Manage Profiles and Resources

Managing Privileges

Database Auditing

Undo Management

Moving Data

Manage An ASM Instance

Data Concurrency and Lock Conflicts

Proactive Database Maintenance

Performance Management

Backup and Recovery Considerations

Database Backups

Database Recovery

Work with Oracle support