Oracle 10g SQL Performance Tuning — A 2 day course

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This Oracle 10g SQL Performance Tuning course introduces the delegate to the main concepts of Oracle SQL performance tuning. It is designed to give delegates practical experience in analysing and tuning the performance of SQL.


To provide the skills needed to monitor and tune an Oracle database application.

The delegate will practise:

Suitable For

The Oracle 10g SQL Performance Tuning course is designed for SQL programmers, application developers, designers and technical support professionals who are required to tune the performance of an Oracle application running under Oracle Database 10g.

Follow-on Courses


A working knowledge of SQL is required. This can be obtained by attendance on the pre-requisite Oracle SQL course.

Publicly scheduled dates, locations, and prices

A schedule of dates for this subject is not currently available. Please call 0333 210 0140 or use our contact form to enquire about places and availability.


Introduction to Oracle Performance Tuning

Tools for Evaluating SQL Statements

The SQL Optimizer



Advanced Indexes

Join Operations

SQL Tuning Advisor Using SQL Developer

Sequences and Views

Using Hints