Advanced Perl Programming — A 3 day course

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A course in Advanced Perl programming for those with a basic knowledge of the language and a desire to extend their skills. Delegates should have been using Perl for at least several months.

Please Note: This Perl training course outline provides a selection of advanced skills in multi-purpose Perl programming rather than merely specialist applications of the language. In practice, most purchasers of our advanced Perl courses tend to require a combination of generic and specialist skills.

For that reason, we typically ask them to talk to our Perl consultants about building a course combining some of the course modules outlined here with other specialist modules from our complete listing of Perl training course modules.

On the other hand, if you need an off-the-shelf specialist Perl course, please consider our Perl for System Administration and our Perl for Web Development courses.

The course covers Perl 5 and has been taught to users on: Unix, Linux & MS Windows. The course has been updated to Perl 5.16.

This is a hands-on practical workshop based around the coding of real world solutions to real world web developers' problems.

Suitable For

Perl programmers who want or need to use the Perl language well in a variety of contexts Developers who want to optimise their Perl; taking advantage of the language's native productivity tools and techniques, rather than holding on to inefficient methods imported from other languages


This Perl course assumes that delegates can already program in at least one programming language or scripting language, e.g., C, C++, Java, PHP, Visual Basic, Pascal, or COBOL.

The general Perl programming issues are taught in our four-day Perl Programming course with an extra day devoted exclusively to web development tools and techniques. See our general Perl Programming course outline for detailed descriptions of it’s course content. This shorter version is only available for private company groups 'in-house'.


Advanced Regular Expressions

Advanced Miscellany

Dates and Times

Handling XML Data in Perl

Using Perl Modules from CPAN

Creating Classes and Objects

Advanced Object Orientation

Managing Networks with Perl

Network Programming with Perl

Logging with Perl

Managing Users and Processes with Perl

Using Perl for Securing Your System