Perl Course Modules

Fully Bespoke Perl Training

The first option is fully bespoke Perl Training in which original course content is designed and written in conjunction with the client. Everything about such Perl courses is a matter for negotiation between ourselves and the prospective client. In addition to our considerable in-house Perl training resourses, a range of external Perl consultants enable us to cover even the most esoteric of Perl specialisms.

Low Cost Customised Perl Training

We can deliver a high degree of customisation at the same cost as off-the-peg Perl training; by the simple device of mixing and matching pre-prepared Perl course modules.

As with all of our Perl courses, the bulk of that time is given over to practical and graduated exercises.

Most of our Perl course modules are outlined below. They can be combined in different ways to produce a wide range of specialist Perl courses. Our own "off the shelf" Perl courses are, for example, built in this way.

The modules cover Perl 5 and has been taught to users on: Unix, Linux & Microsoft Windows. The modules have been updated to Perl 5.16.

The vast majority of modules and their hands-on exercises are delivered in a quarter day. A few exceptional modules last a half day, because cross-dependencies in their content dictate a specific sequence of progress.

Preparing to Learn Perl

Perl: the Absolute Minimum

Perl: Operators and Loops

Perl: Beyond the Basics

Arrays and Hashes

Complex Data Structures & References

Perl: Input and Functions

Advanced File Processing

Text Manipulation with Regular Expressions

Advanced Regular Expressions

Finding Out More for Yourself

Debugging Perl

Command-Line Perl

A Whistle-Stop Tour of the World of Perl

Perl Style

Handling Databases with Perl

System Interaction

Perl Security Issues

Introduction to CGI Programming

Further CGI Programming

Creating Web-Pages with HTML::Template

Creating Web-Pages with HTML::Mason

Web Security Issues

Advanced Miscellany

Dates and Times

Handling XML Data in Perl

Using Perl Modules from CPAN

Creating Classes and Objects

Advanced Object Orientation

Managing Networks with Perl

Network Programming with Perl

Logging with Perl

Managing Users and Processes with Perl

Using Perl for Securing Your System