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GBdirect maintain and develop the Perl scripts which bring you The Register (the UK’s most popular IT news site).

Just as Register scoops sometimes go unacknowledged by big media plagiarists, the bespoke software which supports the site often goes completely unnoticed.

That's probably because it "just works", unlike the six and seven figure technical "solutions" behind so many a

The purchase price of Perl (zero pounds sterling) is an undeniable attraction, but the savings and benefits extend way beyond that.

Perl provides a comprehensive toolset from which to build quick, cheap, easily maintained and platform-independent solutions to most system administration and web programming problems . There is certainly no other programming language with its range of capabilities in these fields.

So, for example, when The Register wanted special themes for sponsored sections of the site, and whole-site themes for occasions like St. Patrick's Day, GBdirect's staff simply cooked up a couple of cunning Perl recipes to handle them both.

The solutions were cheap, quick and bespoke, but just as importantly, the software's source code is now wholly-owned, in perpetuity, by The Register itself ... no licences to pay, no forced upgrades through built-in obscelescence, no lock-in to any supplier, including ourselves.

Perl Training From The People Who Maintain The Register

The GBdirect staff who write in Perl for The Register, and other high-traffic sites like this one, also develop and teach our Perl training.

As a result, our Perl courses focus exclusively on efficient use of the language to solve practical, real-world, problems.

Above all, our Perl courses teach you how to think and work in "the way of Perl".

Rather than re-iterate every function or method in Perl we aim to ensure that:

GBdirect provide three forms of in-house (usually on-site) Perl training for company groups;

Most standardized courses can be run as both in-house training for company groups and and as a scheduled public course for individuals.

Please contact us at to arrange delivery of a course for your company or to register an interest in an individual place on a public presentation of a particular course. N.B. Please state clearly, which one of these two options applies to you.