Perl Programming with Web Development — A 5 day course

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A Perl training course designed cover all the basics of Perl Programming and also enable web developers to build dynamic (database-driven) e-commerce web sites using the Perl programming language, its specialist web modules and CGI (the common gateway interface).

This Perl course includes a thorough grounding in generic Perl programming before covering specialised Perl web development tools and techniques (the stuff that some people think of as CGI Perl) on the final day.

This is a hands-on practical workshop based around the coding of real world solutions to real world web developers' problems.

Suitable For

Programmers who need an introduction to Perl, eg: for batch scripts, database handling and system administration.

Programmers who have not had formal Perl training and who's awareness of Perl is patchy. This course will provide a solid grounding in Perl.

Programmers who need to develop serious web sites on any of today's major platforms and in multi-platform environments.

Web Developers with limited scripting experience (such as JavaScript, VBScript, Unix/Linux shell scripting, etc., rather than pure programming) will benefit from this course, but may find it demanding. Some may choose to extend the same material over more than five days, with additional hands-on practical exercises.

Delegates with backgrounds in C-like languages will recognise elements of Perl syntax and can use existing knowledge to progress quickly, but they must beware the temptation to translate literally from C/C++. Perl's native way of doing things is invariably more flexible and better adapted to specialist web development tasks.

Like all of our Perl training courses, this course is designed for cross-platform application (e.g. Microsoft Windows, IIS, Apache, MacOS, and Linux/Unix). Unix/Linux developers will benefit particularly from Perl variants of popular Unix tools and from the abundance of Perl modules for use with Unix and the Apache web server.

Perl Versions

The course covers Perl 5 and has been taught to users on: Unix, Linux & MS Windows. The course has been updated to Perl 5.16.


This Perl course assumes that delegates can already program in at least one programming language or scripting language, e.g., C, C++, Java, PHP, Visual Basic, Pascal, or COBOL.

Publicly scheduled dates, locations, and prices

A schedule of dates for this subject is not currently available. Please call 0333 210 0140 or use our contact form to enquire about places and availability.


Preparing to Learn Perl

Perl: the Absolute Minimum

Arrays and Hashes

Perl: Input and Functions

Text Manipulation with Regular Expressions

Perl: Operators and Loops

Perl: Beyond the Basics

Complex Data Structures & References

Finding Out More for Yourself

Using Perl Modules from CPAN

Debugging Perl

Command-Line Perl

A Whistle-Stop Tour of the World of Perl

Perl Style

Handling Databases with Perl

Advanced File Processing

System Interaction

Perl Security Issues

Introduction to CGI Programming

Further CGI Programming

Creating Web-Pages with HTML::Template

Creating Web-Pages with HTML::Mason

Web Security Issues