Further Perl Programming — A 3 day course

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A Perl training course designed take experienced programmers into some further perl aspects, including object orientation.

This Perl course aspects often misunderstood by those who have been using perl for some time.

How to write perl modules and then objects, including inheritance, is also covered.

The networking modules provide the knowledge to write client/server systems and use of network services.

This is a hands-on practical workshop based around the coding of real world solutions to real world problems.

Suitable For

Programmers with several months of Perl under their belt.

Programmers who need to develop their skills beyond their exposure to perl gained from coding within one organisation.

Application programmers who are using Perl as part of their solution.

System Administrators who are looking to go beyond Unix/Linux shell scripting.

Delegates will have had experience of perl but are aware that there are parts of Perl that they do not properly understand. Perl is a large language and 'picking it up on the job' has its limitations, delegates benefit from seeing perl done in other ways.

We find that some experienced Perl programmers benefit from our entry level perl course before taking this one. This is especially true if they find concepts like lists of hashes and hashes of arrays difficult.

This course is designed for cross-platform application (e.g. Microsoft Windows, IIS, Apache, MacOS, and Linux/Unix).

Unix/Linux developers will benefit particularly from Perl variants of popular Unix tools and from the abundance of Perl modules for use with Unix and the Apache web server.


This Perl course assumes that delegates have been using Perl for several months, probably in a Unix/Linux or MS Windows environment.

Publicly scheduled dates, locations, and prices

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Advanced Regular Expressions

Advanced Miscellany

'0 but true'

Dates and Times

Handling XML Data in Perl

Creating Modules

Creating Classes and Objects

Advanced Object Orientation

Managing Networks with Perl

Network Programming with Perl

Logging with Perl

Managing Users and Processes with Perl

Using Perl for Securing Your System