Perl 5 Introduction — A 3 day course

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This is an introduction to the Perl language yet covers enough to be able to produce useful programs and to maintain basic scripts.

This course is suitable for programmers and system administrators seeking to write fast, powerful and efficient report generating programs to manipulate data files and logs, or who need a more powerful language to extend shell scripts.

The course environment enables delegates to use either Windows or Linux - or even both if they wish to make comparisons.


After completing this course, students will be able to:

Suitable For

Programmers and analysts intending to implement Perl programs, e.g. HTML generation, application control, and report generation will find it a suitable first step.


Students should be familiar with at least one programming language: UNIX shell scripting background is sufficient

No previous knowledge of Perl is assumed

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Language Basics

Fundamental Variables

Arrays and Hashes

Expressions and Operators

Scalar Functions

Decision Making in Perl

Array and Hash Functions

Input and Output

Running Processes

File System Interaction

Regular Expressions

Subroutines and Modules