BCS Certificate in IS Consultancy Practice — A 5 day course

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The IS Consultancy Practice training course provide participants with the skills they need to act as either an external or internal information systems consultant. These skills may be in support of their primary role, such as business analyst, or as a stand alone consultancy role. A comprehensive range of topics are covered, including:

During the course, participants will be encouraged to apply these and other techniques in the context of a typical assignment. The stages of this assignment will include: Gaining Entry, Contracting and Assignment Initiation, Identifying Problems and Requirements, Diagnosis and Solution Definition, Implementing and Taking Action, Closing and Review.

The IS Consultancy Practice course is delivered by trainers who bring their substantial experience of practical consultancy and change projects to the programme. The case study on which the course is built is based on a genuine consultancy assignment.

A very comprehensive manual, containing detailed information about consultancy techniques and providing references for further reading, is supplied as part of the course.


Structure of the IT/IS industry and the roles of IS consulting

Introduction, scoping and planning

Business environment analysis

Solution definition

Proposals and contracts

Solution appraisal

Programme and project management

Understanding teams

Disengagement and expansion

Managing the customer/consultant relationship

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This course thoroughly prepares participants to sit the examination for the BCS Practitioner Certificate in Consultancy, which is held on the final afternoon of the course. The fee for the examination is included in the price of the course.

This examination is assessed by a two hour closed-book examination.

Candidates who pass this written examination and who hold appropriate specialist knowledge and practitioner qualification can sit the oral examination which leads to the BCS International Diploma in Consultancy. The oral examination is not included in the price of the course.

In addition to covering the full BCS syllabus, this course enables participants to develop SFIA skills CNSL levels 5 and 6 and RLMT levels 5 and 6.