Concise Minute Taking — A 1 day course

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Do you find your working life is a succession of meetings?

Do you need to make sure you've got an accurate record of your meetings, including effectively capturing actions?

Would you like to remove your fear of taking minutes?

From AGM to weekly staff gatherings, working life is a succession of meetings. For most of them minutes or meeting notes must be taken. The minute-taker is expected to provide an accurate record, with no training or guidelines. This can result in minutes that are too sketchy or too detailed; failure to follow up decisions; a lack of evidence for later proceedings; and a waste of many people's time.

This course takes minutes-takers through every stage of the process, clarifying objectives and standards and removing the fear for many people when confronted with the task. It equips them with ideas for successful preparation, listening, analysis and note-making and introduces them to the principles of clear, effective writing.

This event is highly participative and provides an opportunity for every delegate to take notes in an agreed format.


Delegates will learn how to:


Establish personal objectives for the course

The meeting - what you should do before, during and after

The role and responsibilities of a chairperson

Styles of agenda

Setting the agenda

Barriers to listening

Listening and summarising a conversation

Using subject and viewpoint

Methods and style for taking notes

Simplifying expressions & editing redundant expressions

Styles of minutes

Sections of minutes

Recording decisions and actions

Practising minute-taking

Completion of a personal action plan

Publicly scheduled dates, locations, and prices

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Suitable For

Anyone who is expected to take accurate and professionally produced notes or minutes would benefit from attending this course.


Please bring examples of previously taken notes and minutes (removing or blacking out areas of confidentiality) so that we can use these during the course.