Finance for Non-Financial Managers — A 2 day course

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Do you need to be able to interpret key financial statements quickly and effectively?

Do you want to be aware of the warning signals before there's a problem?

Do you want to be confident that you can make the best possible decisions on the capital projects your organisation runs?

This course will show you how to interpret key financial statements, highlighting the questions and areas that matter. It shows how to understand key performance indicators to drive profitability. You will learn how to make the best decisions for your business. You will benefit from this course if you need to understand the financial implications of your day-to-day decisions to increase the profitability and performance of your business - this course is suitable for managers with little or no financial knowledge.


On completion of this Finance for Non-Financial Managers training course, delegates will be able to:


The Business Cycle: understand how money flows in a business

Business objectives: use financial data to achieve business targets

The profit and loss statement, the cash flow statement and the balance sheet

Accounting policies and how to stop abuses

Profit versus cash and other key financial ratios, how to use them effectively

Working capital management

Cash flow management

Cost control and reduction

Improving margins and sales in your business

Break-even analysis

Capital Investment techniques

Risk analysis

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Suitable For

Business Managers, Business Consultants and Analysts, Project Managers and all whose work involves an appreciation of finance, budgets, cashflow and accounting methods

Anyone who will influence the making of financial decisions