PHP Course Modules

Fully Bespoke PHP Training

The first option is fully bespoke PHP Training in which original course content is designed and written in conjunction with the client. Everything about such PHP courses is a matter for negotiation between ourselves and the prospective client. In addition to our considerable in-house PHP training resourses, a range of external PHP consultants enable us to cover even the most esoteric of PHP specialisms.

Low Cost Customised PHP Training

We can deliver a high degree of customisation at the same cost as off-the-peg PHP training; by the simple device of mixing and matching pre-prepared PHP course modules.

The following lists provide outline details of PHP modules we have delivered or are about to deliver for our clients.

As with all of our PHP courses, the bulk of that time is given over to practical and graduated exercises.

Introduction to PHP

Taking User Input from Forms via PHP

Variables and Expressions in PHP

PHP Operators

Conditional Tests and Events in PHP

PHP Flow Control

PHP Configuration

PHP Functions

Storing Data in Arrays using PHP

Handling Databases with PHP

String Manipulation in PHP

Sessions and Cookies in PHP

File and Directory Access Using PHP

Other I/O Issues in PHP

Object Orientation in PHP

PEAR, PECL and Smarty

Handling Email with PHP

Graphics in PHP

References to interesting PHP resources on the web