PHP for Programmers — A 3 day course

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A PHP course designed for experienced programmers who want to build dynamic e-commerce web sites using the PHP programming language. Since PHP is such a rich and task-specific language, the course covers in depth the most important range of functions and equips delegates to understand the remaining less essential aspects.

PHP is Open Source and Cross Platform, running on Unix, Linux, MS Windows, Apple Mac, AS/400 and more, and is often used with an OS-CP database and web server such as MySql and Apache. Thus PHP will work on the operating system and hardware that currently suits your applications and organisation.

PHP 5 is the current version of PHP and is what the course teaches. Differences with PHP 4 are explained for those who need to maintain legacy code. There is also a look forwards to the features expected in PHP 6.

MySQL 5 is the primary database that is used, the course also covers Oracle and MS-SQL. Delegates should have few problems transferring their learned skills to interacting to other databased from PHP.

This is a hands-on practical PHP workshop based around the development of fully working website services.

Suitable For

Software developers with no PHP experience and possibly no web programming experience.

Students must, however, have strong foundation in general programming.

Those with knowledge of C-like languages, especially Perl, should be able to progress quickly through the course.

Groups with limited experience of C-like languages may wish to extend PHP courses beyond the usual 3 days.


A basic working knowledge of HTML is presumed.

Some conceptual knowledge of how web servers and web browsers (clients) interact using HTTP

Good working knowledge of at least one programming language

Publicly scheduled dates, locations, and prices

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Introduction to PHP

Taking User Input from Forms via PHP

Variables and Expressions in PHP

PHP Operators

Conditional Tests and Events in PHP

PHP Flow Control

PHP Configuration

PHP Functions

Storing Data in Arrays using PHP

Handling Databases with PHP

String Manipulation in PHP

Sessions and Cookies in PHP

File and Directory Access Using PHP

Other I/O Issues in PHP

Object Orientation in PHP

PEAR, PECL and Smarty

Handling Email with PHP

Graphics in PHP

References to interesting PHP resources on the web