Foundations of SQL for PostgreSQL — A 3 day course

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This course covers SQL for querying and modifying databases, as well as database transaction processing, creation and dropping of tables and databases and tables. The aim is to provide a sound foundation of SQL, both in general, and in the context of PostgreSQL. The course is a hands on and the emphasis is on creating SQL scripts textually, rather than through a GUI.


No prior knowledge of databases or SQL is assumed, but, the course is oriented towards the needs of IT professionals.


Courses in this subject are scheduled on an 'ad-hoc' basis. We can arrange a course at our Carshalton centre or on customer site for any client wishing to send two or more delegates on the same course.

For courses at the Carshalton Centre the fee will be:

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For a 1:1 course in Carshalton the fee is £1650 + VAT. For a 1:1 on-site course the fee is £1650 + VAT + expenses recharged at cost.

If there are any dates showing below this line, a course has been scheduled and places for individuals are available at £1050. Otherwise, no courses are currently scheduled and the above fees apply.


Introduction to Database Concepts

Introduction to SQL

Retrieving data - SELECT, WHERE and ORDER

Filter Results using the WHERE clause

Queries involving multiple tables

Working with the Standard PostgreSQL Functions

Grouping and Summarizing Results



Inserting, Updating and Deleting Data

Inserts, Updates and Deletes in a Transaction Oriented Environment

Creating and Modifying Tables