PostgreSQL Administration — A 5 day course

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This course deals with the administration and performance tuning of PostgreSQL databases. It also covers use of specialised PostgreSQL modules such as replication, connection pooling and full text searching.

Attendees are expected to have a basic working knowledge of SQL.

This is a hands on course with the emphasis on thinking and problem solving via exercises and group "mini projects".


A sound understanding of Linux fundamentals, and of Structured Query Language (SELECT, INSERT, UPDATE, and CREATE TABLE statements in particular).


Courses in this subject are scheduled on an 'ad-hoc' basis. We can arrange a course at our Carshalton centre or on customer site for any client wishing to send two or more delegates on the same course.

For courses at the Carshalton Centre the fee will be:

On-site course fees are as above + expenses recharged at cost.

For a 1:1 course in Carshalton the fee is £2750 + VAT. For a 1:1 on-site course the fee is £2750 + VAT + expenses recharged at cost.

If there are dates showing below this line, a course has been scheduled and places for individuals are available at £1750. Otherwise, no courses are currently scheduled and the above fees apply.


PostgreSQL - Configuration and Installation

psql client usage

Index Creation and Management

Understanding Transactions and Concurrency

Defining and Managing database privileges

Fine grained Access control using GRANT

Structure and Organisation of PostgreSQL databases

Design, implementation and management of PostgreSQL tablespaces and databases

PostgreSQL Schemas - overview of the key concepts

PostgreSQL logging - principles and uses

Backup and recovery (pg_dump, pg_dumpall, file system backups)

Point-in-time recovery (PITR)

Overview of the PostgreSQL query optimizer

Server - performance tuning and monitoring

Overview of PostgreSQL modules and add-ons