PostgreSQL Administration using Navicat — A 2 day course

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This course covers the installation and use of Navicat for administering PostgreSQL database. It will cover the administration, tuning, backup and recovery of PostgreSQL databases using the Navicat Database Administration Tool.


Attendees are expected to have a good understanding of SQL in the PostgreSQL context, and a basic understanding of PosgreSQL administration.


Courses in this subject are scheduled on an 'ad-hoc' basis. We can arrange a course at our Carshalton centre or on customer site for any client wishing to send two or more delegates on the same course.

For courses at the Carshalton Centre the fee will be:

On-site course fees are as above + expenses recharged at cost.

For a 1:1 course in Carshalton the fee is £1300 + VAT. For a 1:1 on-site course the fee is £1300 + VAT + expenses recharged at cost.


INavicat for PostgreSQL - installation and configuration

Configuring connectivity

Navicat and Cluster Management

Using server monitor to modify and manage systems

Backup and Recovery

Working with the Navicat Data Viewer/Editor

Working with the Navicat Query Builder

Importing and exporting data

Graphical exploration of database/table structure

Managing schemas, view and stored procedures

Managing privileges amd access control

Overview of the Navicat Report Management Tools