Portfolio, Programme and Project Office - Want to know more?

What is P3O?

Primarily an effective P3O model provides operational efficiencies in the successful delivery of business change initiatives.

A P3O model is an integral part of ensuring that the strategies and performance requirements of an organisation are realised via projects, programmes and operational business units.

The P3O model establishes a joined up set of outcomes and ensures that benefits are measure managed monitored and refined to ensure that optimal investment and strategic goals are achieved.

Three P's - Portfolio, Programme and Project, together these three disciplines help to ensure an organisation's strategy is delivered appropriately. A P3O model provides a decision enabling and delivery support structure for all change within an organisation, whether large or small.

Correct implementation of this office or structure where an organisation's Business Change Projects and Programmes come together can result in the following actions:-

It is possible for an organisation to deliver these strategic change management goals without the involvement of P3O but the results will be achieved in a fragmented and unstructured way that generates significant threats to the best use of scarce resources and achievement of required outcomes.

Benefits of P3O Adoption

A P3O model can significantly increase an organisation's chances of successfully delivery its strategy, reducing benefits loss and delivering programmes and projects more cost effectively. Effective P3O adoption will deliver the following:-

'The Gartner Group estimates that proper risk identification will result in the cancellation of 20% of projects before the execution phase.'

'Evidence shows that a supported and focussed programme or project start-up can reduced start-up times by 50%'

How does P3O integrate with other certifications?

One of the key learning points will be an understanding of how the P3O model can interface with existing structures for collaborative working towards successful strategic delivery.

Organisations managing Programmes, using MSP™ or projects using, Prince will benefit tremendously from P3O Courses.

Project Support Offices (PSO) & Programme Offices PPSO, Project Management Offices (PMO) have various names and any training would overlap with P3O.

The Public Sector has Centres of Excellence (COE) which would be included within the P3O structure. Gateway reviews are performed or facilitated by these and a P3O would include this.

P3O would also be beneficial to offer alongside any course helping with Business Change Management or transformation type activities. Business Case writing and Benefits Management will have an overlap.

Strategic planning and policy setting courses would use the P3O course to help them understand how to implement and monitor progress towards policy and strategy, Balanced Score Cards and Strategy Maps.

ITIL® introduces operational Service Portfolio Management, the course will interest those who need to maintain and understand how projects and programmes will impact operational activity.

P3O Skills and Competencies

P3O management and staff will need to be skilled in a number of different areas, and the course aims to develop these competencies:

Target Audience for P3O

P3O courses would benefit the following:-

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