Finance for Project Managers — A 2 day course

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Financial decisions made by senior managers are often dependent on the data provided by project managers. The extent and timing of predicted costs and income are critical in cash flow management as is the accurate reporting of variance and predicted consequences.

This Finance for Project Managers course allows the project manager to see the story from the accountants' perspective and highlights the importance of good planning and reporting in running a successful organisation.


By the end of this course delegates will be able to:

Suitable For

This course is aimed at project managers and/or support staff that need to have a thorough grounding in financial management and the provision of financial information (reporting) on projects.

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Introductions and Expectations

An opportunity to familiarise delegates with the course content, desired outcomes and individual requirements

Legal Framework and Fundamental Accounting Principles

This session provides an overview of standards and accepted procedures

The Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss Account

This session explains the working of the P&L account and production of the Balance Sheet

Costs and Types of Costing

Costs are incurred and accounted in different ways. This session looks at the accepted categories and methods

Through Life Costing

This session looks beyond the project into the operational phase of the product and its financial performance

Budgeting, Monitoring and Cost Control

This session is concerned with the difference between what is predicted and what actually occurs and the management of the variances, including earned value analysis

Value Management

'At any price' is not an acceptable concept and this session looks at the idea of achieving maximum benefit for minimum expenditure

Key Financial Ratios and Investment Appraisal

This session explains what the published annual accounts tell us about company performance and looks at the tools used to ensure wise investment