Managing Smaller Projects — A 1 day course

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This course presents a simple and practical approach for managing projects: one that strips away bureaucracy yet retains vital control.

Using the SPM approach enables delegates to maintain control over many small projects, determining facts about progress, risks and achievements.

Delegates will gain assurance that the right products are being produced, to time and cost targets, and will become aware of problems at an early stage.


By the end of this course delegates will be able to:

Suitable For

This course is suitable for those with a basic understanding of project management and the project planning process. The 'Small Project Management' (SPM) philosophy is a standard method for managing all small projects to obtain a consistent approach while keeping paperwork to a minimum.

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Project initiation

Roles and responsibilities

Estimating and budgeting

Project planning

Managing risk

Controlling a project

Managing quality

Managing change

Coping with the unexpected

Reviewing a project

Managing many projects at once

Managing a crisis

Using a computer to help

Implementing SPM