Project Planning And Control — A 2 day course

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Planning, monitoring and controlling are the fundamental building blocks of effective project management. This 2 day project management course provides individuals with the essential information required to enable them to better plan and control projects.


By the end of this course delegates will be able to:

Suitable For

This course is suitable for anyone involved in the detailed planning, monitoring and control of a project's activities or who is generally interested in the core processes of project management.

Publicly scheduled dates, locations, and prices

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Introductions and Expectations

An opportunity to familiarise delegates with the course content, desired outcomes and individual requirements

Project Set-Up

Delegates will discuss the definition of a project and how an idea or opportunity is turned into a project

Risk Management

This session looks at Risk Management Method, Business Risk, Risk Workshops and Risk Monitoring

Work Breakdown Structures

Delegates will become familiar with the process of developing the WBS, the basic principles of project stages, and the definition of deliverables

Planning and Estimating

This session discusses the need to establish a baseline plan to achieve project objectives and enable monitoring and control activities. This includes fundamental techniques that can be used to enable efficient utilisation of resources during the project lifecycle whilst ensuring that time constraints are satisfied. In particular networks and critical path analysis are covered

Project Control

In this session delegates look at project monitoring and control methods to ensure controlled progress against the plan. This will include feedback mechanisms, and change control