Project Management for Non-Project Managers — A 1 day course

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Course Synopsis

Do you need to get better control of key business initiatives but can't fight your way past the jargon of project management?

Do you need to understand and contribute to projects in your organisation but have no desire to become a project manager?

Would you like to have a better sense of control over what you and others are doing?

Do you want to set clearer objectives for yourself and others?

Would you like to be more proactive in your work and less reactive?

Are you trying to convince your staff of the benefits of project management?

This fun and highly interactive day uses a team based simulation to take you through the challenges of selecting, prioritising, and implementing service improvement projects in a way that lets you see immediately the organisational impact of the decisions you make.

You will work in small teams in a safe but competitive environment and you will be amazed at how your confidence and performance improves dramatically as you move through the day. You will also see how the increase in personal performance delivers significant business benefit and so experience first hand why good project management is so crucial to delivering successful outcomes.

We will strip away the mystique and jargon and give you simple project techniques that you can apply immediately in your workplace to improve your personal effectiveness and increase the success of your key initiatives.

This event is equally powerful as a public course drawing together experiences from disparate participants, as it is providing a launch event for project management within a single organisation.


During this training course, delegates will:

In the Practical Workshops, students will:

Suitable For

Anyone who has to work with others to deliver business change, products or services to tight deadlines and wants to learn the secrets of success.

Anyone who is working in or around projects and wants to have more influence in how we deliver organisational benefit.

Anyone who just needs to understand what project management is about and only has a day to do it.

Benefits for your Company

This highly energetic and enthusiastic day will give non-project managers a greater appreciation of the benefits of project management and of working as part of a project team. Staff will become better able to plan and control their own work, be more focused towards the achievement of business objectives and produce more positive outcomes.

Benefits for You

You will see how your actions and decisions impact the ability of others to produce results and how when everyone works together in a coordinated and transparent fashion suddenly great things can start to happen. You will learn and practice the basics of project management, acquire simple new tools as results see how you can immediately start to better plan your own and other people's work. You will also see how a small amount of process applied intelligently can produce great benefit for your project and your organisation.

Publicly scheduled dates, locations, and prices

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Birmingham — £425 (+VAT)

Glasgow — £425 (+VAT)

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Introduction & Welcome

Participants will be introduced to one other and to the format of the day. The event uses a group simulation run over three rounds throughout the day, allowing participants to apply what they are learning and immediately see the impact.

Round 1 - Simulation

This session covers the first run of the simulation. Each participant will have a part to play within the team. Allowing them to not only experience a dynamic, time driven project environment first hand, but also to potentially do so from a completely new perspective. During the course of the simulation participants will be encouraged to note down areas for personal and team improvement.

Round 1 - Debrief

Following round 1 of the simulation there will be a debrief of lessons learned, particularly looking at:

Although the simulation will be used as the basis for discussion examples of similar situations will be drawn from the participant's day-to-day work.

Round 2 - Preparation

Preparation for Round 2 will focus on looking at how work can be broken down, allocated to resources and scheduled. Participants will be encouraged to use the techniques discussed to build on the lessons learned in Round 1, as well as considering how they could be applied back at work. Consideration will also be given to different approaches for estimating.

Round 2 - Simulation

The second 30-minute round of the simulation will be run, using the feedback from the first round and the improved planning of the preparation time.

Round 2 - Debrief

Following round 2 of the simulation there will be a debrief of lessons learnt, particularly looking at:

Again, examples will be drawn from the participant's day-to-day work.

Round 3 - Preparation

Preparation for Round 3 will focus on looking at how we can identify and plan for uncertainty in a project. This will include looking at the degree to which risks can be reduced or removed from a project and if it is possible to actually exploit or encourage project opportunities. Consideration will also be given as to how to deal with potential changes to a project.

Round 3 - Simulation

The third 30-minute round of the simulation will be run, using the feedback from the first two rounds and the improved planning for change and uncertainty.

Round 3 - Debrief

Following round 3 of the simulation there will be a debrief of lessons learned, particularly looking at how the consideration of change and uncertainty improved performance. Again examples will be drawn from the participant's day-to-day work.

Implementing Key Ideas

Breaking into sub-groups the participants will consider what they believe are the key lessons they have personally learnt from the day. The will then present to the group those lessons, as well as practical ways in which they will implement them upon returning to work. This part of the event will also allow for the group to celebrate their achievements.