Security for Red Hat Linux — A 4 day course

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This highly practical instructor led Security for Red Hat Linux course is aimed at Linux System Administrators who wish to enhance their knowledge of Red Hat Linux security and increase the security of their Red Hat Linux systems.

The course covers security related tasks for Red Hat Enterprise Linux (RHEL) and CentOS Linux systems. The topics taught would also be relevant for all Linux distributions.

Exercises and examples are used throughout the course to give practical hands-on experience with the techniques covered.


This course aims to provide the delegate with the knowledge to be able to query their Red Hat Linux system for most security related events and harden many aspects of their system. The course explains the; Linux logging and auditing framework, SELinux, the firewall, certificate authorities, network time, Secure Shell, Pluggable Authentication Modules, host intrusion and detection, password cracking, the sudo command, encrypting files and OpenVPN.

The delegate will learn and acquire skills as follows:




Linux Security Overview

Command Line History

Logging Within Linux


Advancced SELinux Configuration

Red Hat Firewall

Securing Applications

Securing SSH

Intrusion Detection and Prevention

Securing Packages

Securing Via Pluggable Authentication Modules

Cracking Linux Passwords

Sudo And Restricting Logins

Securing the Filesystem

Virtual Private Networks

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London — £2100 (+VAT)

Suitable For

The Security for Red Hat Linux course is aimed at Linux System Administrators who wish to expand their knowledge of the many Red Hat Linux security features and increase the security level of their Red Hat Linux systems.

Follow-On Courses


Delegates attending this course should have experience of administering Linux in an Enterprise environment to the level covered in the Administering Red Hat Linux 7 - Part 1

Pre-Requisite Courses