Advanced Test Management — A 2 day course

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Over the years, software testing has become more challenging and complex, making management of this process vital to the success of any IT project.

Test Managers and Quality Managers are under increasing pressure to deliver the same quality but within shorter timescales. This makes the design and management of the test process more important than ever before. Qualifications and well-documented methodologies may be used, but every testing project is different.

This two day course will investigate a pragmatic and proven approach to successful Test Management.


On completion of this course, attendees will:

Suitable For

Anyone involved in the management of test-team activities.


Delegates may be newly promoted or experienced professionals and should understand the basics of how to establish and manage the testing process.

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The methodology to design, set up and manage a testing process

The methodology to manage the tester - developer - user relationship

The processes needed to control defect and configuration management

Senior management reporting methodology and relationship handling

Options to consider when looking at reducing test time

Implementation of a quality culture in the test process

The benefits of conflict management implementation

Understanding the benefits of conflict management implementation

Understanding how to manage tester - developer - user relationships